8 Themistokleous str & 9 Nikitara str, Athens, 10678


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Kneaded bread in wood-burning oven with oil & oregano

our soups… 

home-made fish soup with a variety of fish & vegetables

sweet pumpkin soup with shrimps


home-made “taramosalata” (fish roe dip made with olive oil & bread)

fava (yellow split pea puree) with caramelised onions & capers

spicy aubergine

home-made spice feta cheese dip

fresh-cut fried potatoes

loukoumades, fried-dough pastry with feta cheese, honey, raki syrup & black sesame seeds

marinated anchovy

marinated sardines

raw clams

feta cheese

buyurdi (greek baked feta cheese)

“Graviera” hard cheese from Crete

skordalia (greek garlic sauce)

tuna tataki

smoked eel with mixed-herb & lemon gremolata, beetroot, crispy capers

the salads… 

trata (a very fresh salad)

fresh salad with grilled manouri cheese, dried nuts & citrus vinaigrette

cherry tomatoes with Cretan rusks, oregano & feta cheese

greek salad

crab salad with spicy mayonnaise

boiled seasonal vegetable salad

potato salad with aromatic fresh herbs

seasonal greens

steamed Spiny Chicory from Crete with olive oil & lemon

from our pan… 



crawfish* meat (accompanied with sauce)

shrimp* (accompanied with sauce)

cod with “skordalia” (garlic sauce)

striped red mullets

red mullets

from our grill… 

fresh sardine

octopus tentacle


salmon with boiled seasonal vegetables

squid skewer with black tarama mousse and tomato tartar

rilled fillet tuna with carrot puree

caramote shrimps

crayfish (whole)


fresh fish

fresh fish A’

sliced fish (Dentex - Grouper - Sea bream)

the cooked… 

shrimp* “saganaki” with feta cheese & tomatoes

steamed mussels

mussels “saganaki” with peppers & feta cheese

mixed steamed seafood

Greek cabbage rolls stuffed with crawfish* meat

Moussaka with bolognese sauce made with shrimps

our pasta dishes… 

(choice spagghetti or linguine)

shellfish spaghetti

shrimps spaghetti

spaghetti with crayfish* meat

spaghetti with crayfish*

spaghetti with lobster*

orzo pasta with cuttlefish in black ink sauce and pecorino cheese

orzo pasta with shrimps

seafood risotto

our desserts… 

Greek cream-filled phyllo cones

tiramisu with greek coffee flavored biscuits

chocolate tart with pink pepper on and butter salted caramel

Snickers bar

house wine

roditis white wine from Tyrnavos (Vasdavanos)

rose, Muscat of Tyrnavos (Vasdavanos)

red wine variety of muscat-merlot (Vasdavanos)

Bottled white wine

Ktima ALPHA Sauvignon Blanc Fume

Ktima Pavlidis, THEMA (Sauvignon Blanc, Asyrtiko)

Paranga, kir.Gianni (Roditis, Malagouzia)

Ktima Vivlia Chora (Asyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc)

Ktima Gerovassiliou (Malagouzia, Asyrtiko)

Magiko Vouno, Lazaridis (Sauvignon Blanc)

SANTO Santorini (Asyrtiko)

Bottled roze wine

Domaine, Lazaridis (Merlot)

Ktima Vivlia Chora (Syrah)

Bottled red wine

Paragka, kir.Gianni (Merlot, Xinomavro, Syrah)

Ktima Vivlia Chora (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,


Cretan “Haraki”


Tsilili, Apostolaki, Meteoro, Mpampatzim

Glass of tsipouro


Apalarina, Mini, Plomari, Mpampatzim, Varvagianni, Pitsiladi

Glass of ouzo


Alfa, Mamos, Fix
Amstel, Kaiser, Fischer, Heineken, Amstel free

Soft drinks & water

Coca Cola classic - light

Epsa (Orange, Lemon, Gazoza, Soda water)

Sparkling water “vikos” / (330ml)

Mineral water from “Florina” / (750ml)

Bottle water / (1L)


Espresso, Greek coffee

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